Triple Threat Press

About The People

Triple Threat Press is a letterpress and graphic design company based in Lakewood, Ohio.



Laura Drapac’s printing career began in Athens, Ohio, where she studied both graphic design and printmaking at Ohio University. Upon graduating with her BFA in 2008, she worked for Apple Inc. full-time as a Creative Genius while applying for graduate school. After one year away from academia, Laura returned to school as a graduate student in printmaking at the University of North Texas in Denton, Texas, where she was able to explore the graphic and tactile qualities of letterpress in her own work. She received her MFA in May of 2012 and now works as the primary designer and letterpress printer at Triple Threat Press.


Always a hands-on learner, Dave spent his teen years moonlighting as a web designer, graphic designer, photographer, and musician. His penchant for simple aesthetics made his move to letterpress natural and, coupled with Laura’s instruction, an easy one to make. Dave is a printer, designer, and head janitor at Triple Threat Press. When he isn’t in the studio, he can usually be found browsing his local record store or walking around town with his camera.



Our Story

Triple Threat Press started in our spare bedroom in Denton, Texas in 2012. Laura had just finished grad school and was looking to acquire a small press to continue making art after she no longer had access to the University’s print shop. One morning, before heading to work, she saw an ad online for a Kelsey 5x8 letterpress that had been stored in a barn in Sanger, Texas. She contacted the owner while Dave found a truck to borrow. The press was ours before lunch. It wasn’t in working condition, so we spent the entire summer disassembling and restoring it. To help pay for the its restoration, we printed and sold greeting cards that holiday season… and just never stopped. In 2016, we packed up our presses and moved back home to northeast Ohio.

Why Triple Threat Press?

A “triple threat” is someone who is proficient in three important skills within their particular field. They’re the person you want to work with because they don’t just do a good job... they do the best job. Our three areas of expertise are letterpress printing, graphic design, and helping small businesses through our store, Threefold Gifts.



Director/Editor/Cameraman/Music: Eric Michener



Our Process

All of our print work is done on antique, restored, letterpresses. The basic techniques we employ have been in use for hundreds of years and traditionally would include individual pieces of lead type and hand-carved wooden blocks. While we do have a small collection of fonts, we also love helping bring letterpress into the 21st century.

We do a lot of our design work in Adobe Illustrator and are able to turn those designs into photopolymer plates that we print on our letterpress. This allows us to us to easily use multiple typefaces and custom artwork in a way that the letterpress printers of yesteryear could only dream of.