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I Didn't Choose the Thug Life Coaster 10-Pack

I Didn't Choose the Thug Life Coaster 10-Pack


Our popular "Thug Life" design is back in coaster form! Perfect for your next party or gathering, these coasters will keep all of your surfaces free of condensation. Just make sure your guests know that they aren’t just for lookin’ at!

Each 4 inch round thick paper coaster was hand printed in brown ink on a Shniedewend & Lee Gordon-style letterpress, and comes in a package of 10.

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-Due to the handmade nature of this product, items may vary slightly from the images shown.
-All ink colors are slightly transparent due to the nature of letterpress ink. The only ink color that will print 100% opaque is black.
-All coasters are 55pt pulpboard. For the safety of our press, we do not emboss our coasters at this time.